GVS Port-a-Probe - The Industry Standard for In-Bin Sampling

PortaProbe 9HES

GVS Port-a-probe

  • Simple to transport between locations
  • Honda gas engines
  • Optional electric start
  • Hydraulic powered optional
  • Cyclone receiver and sample pitcher

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The port-a-probe is a unique portable sampling system that is ideal for sampling grain and seed from bins, silos, flat storage, trucks and railcars. Representative samples can be attained with every four foot of depth using the aluminum threaded pipe sections. Obtaining these samples is the first step in evaluating your grain or seed for quality, moisture, insects, damage or foreign material. The 9HES Port-a-Probe allows you to pull samples from bins and silos as tall as 120 feet with hose lengths that can exceed 400 feet pneumatically conveying the samples to a person on the ground to be bagged or evaluated.

PortaProbe 9HES

9HES Port-a-probe

  • Hose reel available
  • No external power required
  • Filter to protect motor
  • Dust and Debris Vacuum available

The optional Dust and Debris (D&D) Vac gives you a superior durable vacuum that can be used as a conveyor for clearing plugged leg boots, cleaning up spilled grain, or collecting larger composite samples from storage. An optional handle with shut off valve make sampling easy and safe.