Grain Moisture Testing Undergoing Many Changes

New UGMA technology is quickly being adopted by USDA/GIPSA and we stand ready to answer your questions regarding equipment, timetables, support issues, etc. This new technology has many advantages. Give us a chance to explain how it can affect your business.

Experience Makes a Difference

Whether it's sales or support an experienced person on the other end of the phone is very important. Our staff will give you straight honest answers to your important questions.


DICKEY-john GAC 2500UGMA Grain Moisture Tester

  • Superior Accuracy
  • Rapid Analysis
  • Modern UGMA Technology
  • Easy To Use

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Rail cars can be quickly sampled, prior to unloading

Secure a sample from on-farm storage bins

Confirm a "hot spot" without expensive unloading of the bin

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GAMET Truck Probes and Accessories

Apollo 610A Truck Probes

Jaham Truck Probes

Ticket Return Systems

Outdoor CCTV Camera Systems

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Grain Grading Equipment

Grain Grading Scales

Quart Cups

Boerner Dividers

Dockage Sieves

Rotary Divider

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Printers and Accessories



Cables and Adapters

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